Frequently Asked Questions


A website provides information and represents your organization with professionalism and credibility. Targeted audiences can explore your business, services, and products in the privacy of their homes or business offices.

Every website needs a home on the Internet - a place for your domain name, web page files, and graphics to reside. Essentially, you rent web space through a hosting company. But don't worry; we'll do all of this!

We accept payment by cheque/DD or cash and most major credit and debit cards

Yes, we can redesign your website in a way according to your requirements and which can attract more visits and thus increase your business.

Frequently we encounter people who did their first website under the assumption that websites were an "extra" that might bring in a little extra traffic or make information easier to find. The web is now unquestionably a primary source of information. Design standards have risen, and a website is often the first and most lasting impression someone gets of your company.

Yes, It is very much possible to migrate from your existing domain to ours. We take care of domain migration without any hassles for you.

A dynamic web page is a web page that uses some scripting language, such as PHP or ASP, to allow the web server to adapt the content of the web page to a particular situation. Dynamic web pages can also be used to upload information from the browser to store it on the web server. Examples of web based applications that use dynamic web pages are guest books, chat rooms, web logs, and forums.

An email account enables you to send and receive email using Your hosting package will come with a specified number of accounts that you can set up for yourself, your friends or your colleagues to use.

No single email that you send or receive can be larger than 5 MB in size. For larger files we have FTP.

All you have to do, once you have ordered your icode Hosting Package, is contact your existing domain registrar and request that the "name servers" are changed to:

No, we will set up your email to work the same as it is now if you are using it for mail. In many cases we are able to set up more email addresses for your company or to make sure you are using your domain name in an effective manner.